The hectares planted with vineyards respecting the land and centuries-old traditions are the real soul of the company. The vineyards that produce the cellar's labels extend in the flat area of ​​the valley floor in the territory of San Pietro al Tanagro (SA) locality of Vallo di Diano. In that stretch of plain, which meets the last offshoot of the Alburni mountains, the pedoclimatic conditions have been created which are favorable to the growth of the grapes used for the production of our wines. The height and the excursion allow to capture the solar energy during the day and the cool night temperatures to have wines with a great bouquet and structure while retaining a high elegance.


Aglianico has found its ideal cradle in the area marked by the name Tempe, a succession of hills around 500 m high.

Each farm has a life of its own, each wine has a story characterized by experience, technique and by the men who cultivated it.

Here the grapes of the precious vine can achieve, with late ripening, those nuances that make Aglianico a product linked to its territory and not reproducible away from it.

For our Fiano it is necessary to climb up to 650m where we find the area known as Monteroro. The name of this sunny hill evokes the suggestive glow emanating from the minerals present in the soil when the sun floods the hill. The lack of trees amplifies the luminous effect to the point of imagining a mountain of gold. If in our Tempe, Aglianico becomes powerful and tannic, Fiano on the soil of Monteroro takes on an extraordinary finesse and minerality.

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