The company's activity has been linked to the history of the Pica family since the end of the nineteenth century when its founder sensed the vocation of those lands lying in the Cilento National Park, south of Salerno, to produce a wine with strength and personality .

It is from the long and continuous bond between a family and its land that the awareness of which wines can be born in those places and only in those is born. In fact, each vineyard embodies the potential of one and only wine. Yesterday as today it is passion, unity with the identity of an introverted but generous territory that gives birth to terroir wines that reproduce the character and profile of the land of origin.


The corporate mission is to preserve and project the dream of its visionary founder into the future. With this in mind, in 1997, the company was restructured to relaunch an entrepreneurial project that has lasted for four generations.


It is the year zero of our company.

The identification of a hilly area. Choosing a grape variety. The planting of the first vines. An idea makes its way.


Turin wine center.

A bundle of letters sent and received by the Turin Wine Center bears this date. In addition to the orders and invoices of oenological products, the exchange of samples and test tubes for the analysis of the first vinifications is interesting.


The doors of the house open.

The doors of the house open. In the central square of the town a cellar is inaugurated with a sales point plus refreshments and accommodation options.


The disappearance of Filippo Pica closes an era.

The baton changes hands, new vineyards are replanted. The memory starts a new corporate course.


Even the ancient cellars have been rearranged and made functional with a long recovery and restoration work. Today the old stones of the walls guarantee the ideal environment for the long maturation and conservation that the Aglianico needs.

Today the company covers an area of ​​five hectares, 3.5 of which are vineyards. The variety planted for the most part is Aglianico, a vine that is the memory and symbol of winemaking in Campania

Another distinctive variety of the territory and of the company is the Fiano, bred in purity. The grapes produced are vinified in a skilful balance of ancient traditions and modern equipment.